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This resident memo contains important information about our housing company for all residents. Please make sure you read the information carefully. We hope you will enjoy living here!

Asunto Oy Laajakumpu is a joint stock housing company. In Finnish housing companies owning an apartment means owning shares in the housing company. The decision-making power in the housing company belongs to the shareholders and is democratically used in the annual general meetings.
The housing company has a board that looks after the administration. The board members are chosen from among the shareholders.
We want to keep our housing company safe, clean and tidy. Each resident can affect this with their own behaviour.
This resident memo contains the central rules and practices that have been agreed upon in Asunto Oy Laajakumpu.

Property manager
Svanströmintie 18 A
Ph.09-698 7306

The janitor
Timo Luotonen
Borgströminkuja 4 G 55
Ph.040-550 3944

When you move into the house, you must fill in a ‘moving in notification’ form (‘muuttoilmoitus’) and give it to the janitor. You get the form by requesting it from the janitor by phone or e-mail.
Once you’ve given the ‘moving in notification’ back to the janitor, the name-sign on your door will be changed and your name will be added to the board on the ground floor. This means that you are now the official resident of the apartment.
Having your own name on your door is important if you forget your key inside or lose it. The door can only be opened for your when you are the official resident of the apartment.

You must contact the janitor immediately if there is water damage in your apartment or if you notice any other damage or defects in devices or the constructions
To ensure the general comfort of all residents each person is responsible to keep the stairways and other common areas tidy by

  • cleaning snow and mud off your shoes and your pet’s paws
  • throwing out any rubbish from e.g. moving or renovating
  • always rinsing the floors in the sauna and wash room after your sauna turn
  • ensuring that neither you nor your guests leave any litter, cigarette buds, bottles or cans in the yard.

There is mechanical ventilation in all apartments. It is kept on full power in the mornings and afternoons and on half-power at other times of the day. We recommend that the air vents on the windows are kept in their summer or winter modes depending on the time of year. The air vents may not be blocked. It is prohibited to air your apartment into the stairway.

Pets must be kept on a leash when taken for walks. Make sure that your pet is not going to the bathroom in the yard or the housing company’s property. Pets are prohibited on the children’s playground.

Yard volunteering (“talkoot”)
All residents are welcome to join in the yard volunteering (“talkoot”) that are held once or twice a year. The flower beds and bushes in the yard are looked after by the residents, let’s keep them nice and tidy as well!

The janitor looks after the yard by mowing the lawn in the summer and keeping the walkways safe in winter.

The residents’ common areas are on the ground floor. You can enter all of these with your apartment key.

Storage areas 
Each apartment has their own small storage cubicle. The storage cubicles are in different areas that can be accessed through the doors next to the A, B, D or E stairway-doors. Each apartment has a specific storage cubicle and the apartment number corresponds to the cubicle number, which is found above the door to the storage cubicle. You must provide a padlock for the door yourself.
If you have a bicycle, you may keep it in one of the common bicycle storages. One is to the right of the B-stairway and the other is accessed through the door to the left of the E-stairway.
If you have small children, you may store your pram/buggy in the pram storage, which you find to the left of the D-stairway. In the same storage room, you can also find bicycle storage for children.
The cold storage can be accessed through the door to the left of the D-stairway. The cold storage is kept at 8°c and there are small lockers intended for food storage. Each apartment has a specific cold storage locker and the number of your apartment is found by your locker. You must provide a padlock for the door yourself.

Laundry room, mangle and laundry drying rooms 
The laundry room, mangle and sauna are found to the right of the E-stairway. You may use these for a fee. There are lists on the door, you must reserve your laundry time and/or mangle time by writing your name and apartment number on the list/calendar on the door, as shown below:
Aika             Ma                    Ti              Ke            To                      Pe               La             Su
9-10            Your name &
Apt (e.g. C55)
10-11                                                                       Your name &
Apt (e.g. C55)

You must mark the times you use the laundry and mangle rooms, as you will pay for the usage by the hour. The minimum time that you will be charged for at a time is 1 hour.
Please note that you are not allowed to wash rugs in the washing machines. You may, however, drip dry rugs in the laundry drying rooms on the metallic drying racks.
You find the laundry drying rooms (kuivaushuone) to the left of the C- and E- stairways. Please make sure you collect your dry laundry as soon as possible once it has dried.

On Tuesdays there is common a “lenkkisauna” (=“post-workout sauna” e.g. for joggers, walkers, football players etc.). This means that you can use the sauna together with others as follows: ladies 6pm-8pm, gentlemen 8pm-10pm.
If you’d like your own sauna turn, please contact the janitor.

The playground is especially meant for small children playing under adult supervision.

Rug rack 
You can find a rug dusting rack for rugs, quilts, duvets etc. in the same end of the house as the E-stairway. You mustn’t dust rugs from your balcony. You may not hang rugs, quilts, duvets over the balcony railing. Drying rugs, quilts or the like on the balcony is also prohibited, please dry them in the laundry drying room.

Parking cars on the paved area in the yard is strictly prohibited because they may obstruct emergency vehicle acess. Short-term parking (of approximately 15 minutes) to offload or load your car is allowed.
Asunto Oy Laajakumpu has parking spaces with electricity poles. These are primarily rented to resident shareholders. The parking lot also has spaces free of charge for residents and visitors.

Take your household garbage to the containers by the same end of the house as the A-stairway.
*** Bio waste/Biojäte
Place your bio waste (e.g. food scraps) into a paper bag or bio plastic bag that you put into the brown container.

*** Cardboard/Keräyskartonki
Cardboard is placed containers into the blue containers.
– cardboard boxes
– cardboard packaging materials
– clean (rinsed) milk & juice containers
No plastic, please!

*** Paper/Kotikeräyspaperi
Paper goes into the green containers.
– newspapers & magazines
– flyers
– envelopes
– white paper bags etc.
No plastic, please!

*** Glass/Lasi
Glass is also placed into a blue container marked “Lasi”.
You may only place coloured and clear glass bottles and jars in the glass container.
Note that you mustn’t place e.g. mirrors, ceramics, drinking glasses, oven trays, coffee pots etc. in the glass recycling bin.

*** Metal/Metalli
Metal objects are placed in a blue container marked “Metalli”.
– tins/cans
– aluminium foil
– metal lids and corks
– tea light covers
– completely empty aerosol containers
– other small metal items that fit into the blue metal recycling container
Note that you mustn’t place plastics, coffee bags or any dangerous items such as batteries, accumulators or half-empty aerosols in the metal recycling container.

*** Mixed waste/Sekajäte
Mixed waste is put into the grey containers in sealed (tied) plastic bags.

Please note that there are items that you may not put into the housing company’s waste containers. You need to dispose of these yourself by taking them to the proper places.
Such items include:
– furniture
– white goods (microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines etc.)
– TVs, radios and other large items
Please take these items to “Kivikon jäteasema”!
Batteries should be taken to the grocery store. All grocery stores have containers where you can leave your used batteries.
Hazardous waste such as neon lights, energy saving lights, accumulators, paint, dissolvent etc. are to be taken to “Kivikon jäteasema”.

The board of Asunto Oy Laajakumpu


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